Misery Wizard (2012)




released January 27, 2012

by Poison Tongue and Metal Blade Records
Recorded and mixed at Emandee Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, September 2011

Engineered by Mark Ospovat
Produced by Henry Yuan
Mixed by Mark Ospovat, Henry Yuan and The Wizard
Mastered by Jamie Gomez at Orgone Studios (www.orgonestudios.com)
Artwork, design and layout by Paul McCarol for Unginged Art (www.unhinged.me.uk)

All music and lyrics by The Wizard

Incantation on "Forsaken Man" by Henry Yuan, Nick Lane, Tooth Log and The Wizard

Krolg Splinterfist, Slayer of Man — Drums
Count Elric the Soothsayer — Bass
The Wizard — Guitars, Vocals



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PILGRIM Rhode Island

Doom from Rhode Island, USA.

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Track Name: Astaroth
All those who hail to my crown
I know your name
From kingdoms bathing in fire
I impose my reign
Your whispered words on the wind
Don't go unheard
Just call upon me by my name
The good duke Astaroth
Track Name: Misery Wizard
Perched upon my oaken throne
In solitude I lie alone
In the void a sweet release
In darkness I can feel at peace

Don't you torture me
I'd feel better if left alone
In my solitude
On a quest for the secret of kings
I won't pay my debts
To the men who concieved me
In a better world
Send my prayers on the whispering wind

As I stare through realms black
I see the demon starring back
Crimson eyes and serpent tongue
The pilgrimage has just begun
Track Name: Quest
Across the shimmering wasteland
In temples bathed in gold
Preserved by beasts of legend
Are treasures rich and old

The massive gates grind open
When uttered magic rites
Equipt with sword and lantern
I quest for what's inside

Upon the dust-hewn altar
A crystal shines its light
Defended by the keeper
The jewel of endless life

A battle with the keeper
The evil pharaoh's blight
He raises his wand towards me
I raise my sword to fight
Track Name: Masters of the Sky
Congregating horde across the sky
The necromantic saucer
Ancient pilgrims led by something wise
The monolithic altar

Tears of sorrow gushing from your eyes
When lent your gaze upon them
Congregating horde across the sky
Salvation from the lies

In times of emptiness we lift our heads
The race that once brought me to life
Rejoice and fear them, they're the one true god
Awake me from eternal sleep

Sonic horror rips across the skies
The animals hide
Out from hovering battleships they stride
The masters of the sky

Lord of the skies
One true god
Masters of the sky
Track Name: Adventurer
Adventuring under dying skies
Always looked upon by evil eyes
To the fortress we ride to contest
Evil wizard and put him to rest

On this pilgrimage we've just begun
Black sword shimmering in the setting sun
Tell the elders of the battles won
Resist the greed of man until our lives are done
Track Name: Forsaken Man
Black are the robes of the elder
He who knows truth from fable
Destined to live a life of misery
Demon by his side

Fear overcomes you when you speak of him
Death clouts your mind and chills the bone
All he can offer is his misery
Slowly coming home